48h to generate ideas ®

48h to generate ideas ® is a training module on innovation and creativity. It is therefore a tool to for students but also corporate executives to acquire knowledge. The goal is that they can master the early stages of a project: research and idea generation, prioritization of the ideas in a limited time, mobilization of partners around a development process. This module is therefore targeted at anyone wishing to develop its abilities to manage innovative projects and/or wishing to take part in teams designing new activities. 48h to generate ideas ® is both about creating businesses and creating activities within existing businesses.

More specifically, we seek to develop in participants:

  • Individual creativity.
  • The ability to create an idea within a team.
  • The ability to decide under uncertainty.
  • The ability to identify and consult experts on a given topic.
  • The summarization skills.
  • Skills in promoting an idea to decision makers.
  • Time management.

The platform

On this platform, you can create you own « 48h to generate ideas ® » event.

The principle is pretty simple. Register as an "Organizer". This will give you access to all the information and resources to organize your own event. Then simply create a session and invite everyone (students, staff,...) taking part in the activity.